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Things you should not forget when traveling to beach

A sea travel season is coming soon. It is promised a wonderful summer holiday with dropping between the green sea wave or wandering with friends along the white sand beaches, or enjoying seafood. Sea travel has become so familiar, but before each trip to avoid forgetting the most important things, you should remember the below "gold" tips.

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1. Sun cream

It is an object being not separation when traveling, especially sailing. So let's put sun cream in an easily accessible location in your luggage.

Sun Cream

                                                                             Never forget sun cream in your luggage
Normal sun cream has an SPF from 15 to 45, but when going to beach in summer, you should choose one that has the SPF of between 35 and 45.
You always remember applying sun cream 30 minutes before going to beach so that the sun cream has enough time to take effect. To achieve high efficiency, you should re-apply sun cream every hour.
In additions to sun cream, you should use moisturizer after exposure to sunlight to make your skin soft and smooth. It also helps to restore your skin after a day of exposure to sunlight.

2. Slippers


                                                                                         Slippers - a gift for your foot on beach
The type of high heels is not a close friend of the beach. You need the kind of lightweight sandals to walk on beach.

3. Swimwear


                                                                                                Why do you choose a sexy bikini?
Going to beach without swimwear is like plowing without buffalo! Of course, you can rent but it will not hygienic. So, you do not ever forget swimwear. Depending on your body, you can choose a suitable bikini or one-piece swimsuits. However, a bikini is always the perfect choice.

4. Towels

It is inconvenient if after swimming, you go back the beach and walk with a wet body. So let's prepare a big towel to help you wrap around.

5. Sunglasses, broad-brimmed hat

Sunglasses, broad-brimmed hat

                                                                              Sunglasses and broad-brimmed hat for a perfect beach holiday

Your scalp can also be hurt if you are under the sun too long, so you do not forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and hair. Sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

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