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From mid-March, the company opened Vietravel Tourism promotion selling new product called "heritage journey" Gyeongju-Busan-Seoul (6 days), priced from 22.9 million, using a direct route Busan's Hanoi-Vietnam Airlines (Vietnam Airlines).

New product Tourism Korea in Vietnam (KTO) particularly appreciate about the schedule, thereby contributing to introduce the essence of cultural values, historical traditions and modern development of South Korea today to tourists in Vietnam.

Under the program, the first day, visitors will come to Busan , visit and take pictures at Yongdusan Park - where the Tower Busan 118 meters high (inclusive tour price tickets to the tower) and more than 70 species of plants, is considered is one of the places to relax, wonderful resort of Busan residents; visit the fresh seafood market and the biggest celebrity in the Northeast Asian region Jagalchi, Taejongdae famous resort with spectacular cliffs overlooking the coast of the southern tip of the island Yeongdo-gu, Gwangalli beach with fine sand membrane and pure water.

The second day, tourists will visit the Temple Haedong Yonggungsa Busan is located in the northeast, with a long history since 1376; Nurimaru APEC conference center is the beautiful architecture, the symbol of Busan, was built to serve the APEC Summit in 2005. The design of the APEC Nurimaru inspired traditional-style summer house residents Korea and points to the wonderful scenery of Haeundae beach, looming in the distance Gwangandaegyo bridge, located on the picturesque island Dongbaekseom. Busan Aquarium is located at the entrance of the Haeundae beach, is the largest aquarium in South Korea , with nearly 35,000 species of fish, seaweed to the marine reptiles. Busan Aquarium is situated in the area of ​​36,000 square meters, with 3 underground floors and outdoor park ...

Guests will depart to the ancient capital of the Silla - city of Gyeongju on Tuesday to visit the National Museum of Gyeongju, Cheomseongdae observatory, Seokguram (erected in the 8th century on the slopes Toham, Seokguram cave temple kept a giant statue of the Buddha, is considered a masterpiece of Buddhist art in the Far East). In particular, ancient temples thousands of years old with Bulguksa is one of the largest Buddhist temple and the most beautiful Korea , formerly the capital of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC to the year 935 AD) will be the destination you can not ignore. Bulguksa originally a small temple where the king Beop-Heung (514-540) first Silla devout Buddhist , was built to pray for prosperity and peace to his kingdom. Current architecture of the temple has since 751 when it is being rebuilt. Bulguksa was included in the list of world cultural heritage by UNESCO since 1995. 

Journey of Wednesday to move a lot, coming from the hotel's Gyeongju Daegu, Seoul and continued seafood market. Daegu Yangnyeongsi Museum was established in the Chosun Dynasty (9th year Hyo-jong king reigned, 1658), is one of three ancient bazaar selling traditional medicinal materials of Korea and has become a brand for y traditional Korean. In the afternoon, you will express ship to Seoul (about 2 hours), enjoy special performances famous Drum Cat Show in Korea with the impressive performances of the artists and visit night markets Noryangjin seafood.

On Thursday you will have more time for shopping in downtown Seoul (in this center Cheonggyecheon stream - is a 5.8km long streams flowing from west to east through the downtown area) and zone famous shopping Myeongdong. 
Park Lotte World - complex large entertainment in the capital, Seoul , including an amusement park in the world's largest and has set a Guinness, open year-round, with play area outside heaven "Magic island," an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail, shopping complexes, luxury hotels, museums folk Korea , the sports facilities, cinemas and your destination can not be ignored. 

The last day, before leaving for Hanoi, you will be walking around the Square Quang Hoa Mon (Gwanghwamun Square) bustle; up panoramic view of Seoul from Namsan N Tower Tower has long been a place of famous lovers (they often come here to buy locks double and tied them together to pray for love will endure forever tight); visit Bukchon Hanok old village with traditional Korean houses from the Joseon period, which was given to officials and nobility in feudal society.

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