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Vietnam travel packagesIn the tourist frequented town of Sapa in Lao Cai Province in northwestern Vietnam, visitors are recommended to drop by Ta Van, a valley at the foot of Hoang Lien and Ham Rong mountain ranges, around seven kilometers from the center of town.
A striking view of Ta Van Valley
Tranquil and peaceful are among the few adjectives that can be used to describe Ta Van. This is a typical mountainous village in the country’s northwest.
Ta Van Village has cool weather all year round, and striking landscapes like terraced rice fields on the mountain sides and streams with crystal clear water snaking through the village, which is home to many generations of ethnic minorities.
Small houses are scattered along the streams and paths around the village.
The best time to visit Ta Van is when the streams are full of water and the rice plants turn yellow, thus creating a vivid landscape.
Villagers are friendly. They warmly welcome visitors into their homes and readily work as free tour guides.
What is special about the village is that villagers’ homes are also museums because visitors can see popular items of their community.
Just one day to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere of Ta Van, tourists can refresh themselves and find inner peace.

Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 7, 2016

Vietnam package tours - Besides  a number of eye-catching dishes, Vietnam is also well-known for its scary culinary specialties that will make foreigners ‘creepy’.
However, if they pick up a piece into their mouth, they will want to enjoy more and more thanks to its delicious taste.

Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
Coconut worms are a specialty of Vietnam’s southern region.The living worms are dropped into a bowl of alcohol. After the worms emit contaminants, they are washed and put into a bowl of chili fish sauce. 
The living worms are fat and fleshy, which feel no different from egg yolk.

Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
In the past, scorpion was usually soaked in wine and consumed as a traditional medicine. 
Recently it has fallen into the frying pans of restaurants. It is usually deep fried or grilled. 
Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
Cicada can be soaked in a tempura-like batter and deep fried, or cooked with rice porridge.
People usually catch cicadas during their moulting process when they are shedding their skins, as the cicadas taste the best then.
Những món ăn từ côn trùng ở miền Nam
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Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 7, 2016

Viet Nam’s salt fields was listed in top 15 most breathtaking sunsets on earth voted by the UK’s Daily Mail.  

The paper said Viet Nam has many attractions, its salt fields being one. During the day, the fields are busy with workers who together amass an annual salt production of around 700,000 tonnes, but as the sun goes down and the workers leave, the fields are a shrine to tranquility. 

Other most stunning sunsets named in the list included India’s Taj Mahal, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex, the Arctic Circle in Norway, the Kirkjufell Mountain at Snæfellsnes Peninsula west of Iceland, the Great Pyramid site of Giza in Cairo in Egypt, Zanzibar archipelago off the coast of Tanzania, and desert safari in Dubai.

Other places with fantastic golden sunsets are Chile’s Atacama desert, Cape Town’s Table Mountain, California’s Santa Monica beach, Kenya, the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Ayers Rock in Australia and the towering Château Frontenac in Québec City in Canada.