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Inspired by the name of one of the thousands of caves in Halong Bay – a mysterious cave hosting a hidden lake in which fairies are said to have come to bathe, La Fairy Cruise has been the significant member of Halong cruises fleet. This traditionally styled is newly built with eleven deluxe sea-view and premium balcony cabins equipped with modern and comfortable amenities such as natural hardwood floors and furniture, indicidually controlled air-conditioning, hot and cold shower, sea-view windows, hair dryer, etc, which provide tourists the most comfortable stay on board. We also host a crew staff who are enthusiastic, friendly, experienced and always willing to give you support as well as the world high-class services. Exploring Halong Bay with La Fairy Cruise will surely be one of the unforgettable parts of your life.

La Fairy Cruise

La Fairy Cruise

Dinner in cave every night

Dining in a cave is one of the most special and exciting activities in Halong Bay. After a full day of exploring, swimming, visiting islands and floating villages, or kayaking, when the sky gets dark, you will be transferred to the cave. A lot of candles are lighted, tables are well set up and decorated and food are ready to serve all of you.

La Fairy Cruise

La Fairy Cruise

Excursion of Halong Bay is an essential part of your holiday

Coming to Halong Bay, you can't miss the chance to explore natural splendors here. Just get on the junk, you will sail on the crystal blue water and explore every picturesque spots of the bay such as magical caves, islets, beauches, floating villages, untouched islands, and the opportunity to enjoy numerous appertizing seafood.

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Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang
Laos is the wonderful country in Southeast Asia where you can enjoy a lot of amazing and interesting destinations. Luang Prabang is one of the most attractive destinations in Laos where you can admire peaceful beauty center marked Buddhism which is considered a popular tourist spot by the tranquility and natural beauty has just splendid. Luang Prabang is a provincial city and the ancient capital of Luang Prabang in Laos by UNESCO as world cultural heritage which is located far 425km in the north of Vieng Chan. When visiting Luang Prabang, tourists will admire Red tile roofs undulating roll along the lines of the Mekong monks dressed in orange to beg a long line through the ancient streets in the early mornings. You also visit long and beautiful roads. A lot of tourists choose Luang Prabang because there are a lot of the most place to visit in Laos for them.

Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang
In addition, images of the same religious alms casual aristocratic looks of it. Furthermore, the inhabitants of Luang Prabang are very attentive and friendly, you can stop anyone to ask for permission to take a picture together without fear of rejection or discomfort. You will fall in love with Luang Prabang in the first look. The charm of Luang Prabang is located in the Buddhist spiritual lifestyle unhurried, honest, with the spotless of streets and coat color orange glow of the monks and the architectural gilded splendor. The monks in Laos usually boys aged monk agile teenager vivacious, smiling and very friendly, going out on the town common harmony with the sharp influx in the sun glowed orange shirt.

Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang
Furthermore, the inhabitants of Luang Prabang are very attentive and friendly, you can stop anyone to ask for permission to take a picture together without fear of rejection or discomfort. You will fall in love with Luang Prabang in the first look. The charm of Luang Prabang is located in the Buddhist spiritual lifestyle unhurried, honest, with the spotless of streets and coat color orange glow of the monks and the architectural gilded splendor. The monks in Laos usually boys aged monk agile teenager vivacious, smiling and very friendly, going out on the town common harmony with the sharp influx in the sun glowed orange shirt.

Besides that, Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang is one of the most attractive place in Laos. National Museum of the People’s Democratic Republic of Laos, which is the Kingdom of Laos palace ancient times. The museum has France marked by modern architecture and sophisticated, the Royal Palace museum is a place to keep Prabang Buddha statue, which is considered as national treasures town. The right side is a bronze statue of King Sisavang Vong serene majesty; left is the splendid temple roof, marble shelf cool white between midday sun.

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Best things to do in Luang Prabang, Laos
Coming to the ancient capital of the land of a million elephants, you can walk around sacred temples, discover the charm of Lao cultural identities, buy unique local products and experience the rustic life. In addition, in Luang Prabang, there are a great number of high-quality hotels with good facilities. This article will help you have the best preparation for the Lao journey by providing the information about the best things to do in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Visit the beautiful ancient city of Luang Prabang
Beautiful ancient city of Luang Prabang
The best way to visit historic buildings in the traditional Lao style of architecture is walking or riding bicycle. Almost all the hotels, restaurants and cafes are located around this city. Thus, it is easy for you to move to different destinations without using sophisticated means of transportation. Here there are absolutely no modern buildings and houses that are more than two-storey high.

Visit Pak Ou cave
Pak Ou cave
One of the most stunning places to visit in Laos in general and Luang Prang in particular is Pak Ou cave, also known as Buddha cave. To reach this cave, you have to take a long journey of 25 kilometers along the Mekong River. Thousands of Buddha statues are placed inside the caves, which creates an amazing landscape.

Go shopping in Luang Prabang
Night market in Luang Prabang
There are two or three bazaars in Luang Prabang but the most famous one is the night market located in the center. Different from other markets, the night market in Luang Prabang is flooded with silver souvenirs and traditional toys. This is also the ideal place for you to buy gifts for relatives and friends. Additionally, you can also find other attractive gifts at H’mong market. The market is open during the day and sells a lot of landscape paintings by the local artists.

Enjoy Lao cuisine
Lao cuisine
The food here attracts a lot of tourists due to fresh and tasty flavour. The local specialty cakes are sold all over the city with affordable prices. Besides, the Lao coffee is a high-grade beverage in the world. Coming here, it is suggested for you to enter a nice bar and sip a cup of coffee. Along the banks of the Mekong River are quite a few restaurants that have the combination of Laotian and French cuisine.

Visit Whisky village
Whisky village, Luang Prang
The village is located on the path to Pak Ou cave, where boats usually choose as the stop for about 30 minutes before continuing the journey. The famous specialty of the village is whiskey or types of wine from snake or insect that is mixed with whisky and put in the bottles with unique shapes. The handicraft Lao silk and other fabrics are popular commodities and sold lots for tourists here.

Mount Phousi
Mount Phousi, Luang Prabang
Mount Phousi, also known as Chomsy hill is where you can easily climb up the top with about 300 steps to admire the panoramic view of the city. On the top of the mountain is a wonderful temple. There are two ways to climb up. The first one is moving from the main streets and the second way is the trail behind the Folk Museum. The ideal time to conquer the mountain is late afternoon before sunset.

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Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam holiday is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, so a lot of tourists want to spend the best time to visit Vietnam in the holiday. However, it is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, so there are a lot of things which you should refer and know more before traveling in the time. Therefore, the post will help you learn more about the necessary things during the Tet holiday such as customs.

1 Decorated house
In order to welcome New Year, all families are cleaning the house clean and tidy and decorated their homes for more beautiful. There are many families still fresh paint, doors. The furniture such as desks, chairs for seating, altar, cabinets in the living room is cleaned of dust.

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
Furthermore, Vietnamese people also buy a lot of beautiful and colorful flowers to decorate their house. In particular, there are two flowers that bloom only new festival in southern yellow apricot and peach, red in the North.

Besides flowers, there are distilled fruits arranged in a large dish. Besides the fruit often as bananas, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, it is still a plate distillation include custard, coconut, papaya, mango, or sung, and the truth is two watermelons.

Vietnamese people always buy new and beautiful clothes to meet friend and family on Tet holiday.

2 The custom of New Year’s greetings
In the first day of the New Year, Vietnamese people always visit friends’ house to say good things or New Year and give lucky money for children and older people. The customs is considered as the wonderful and special things of Vietnam, so if you have a chance to visit Vietnamese people in Tet holiday, you should say good things about homeowners.

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
3 Family reunification
Tet is a sacred time in the life of Vietnam. It is an occasion for family reunification, both the living and the dead. Those who go to work, go to school away from home, far from their families are looking for every way to the food festival with her parents, to her family. It is the reason why all Vietnamese people always want to come back their family to enjoy the biggest holiday with family. Therefore, when visiting Vietnam in Tet, you should book tour or hotel in advance to avoid unavailable room. Furthermore, price of service will higher than usual

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
4 Tet market
It is considered as the most attractive time in Tet which whether local people or tourists. When visiting the market, you will get special feeling which is seemed as Tet’s favor

Tet’s market is arranged in the wide place and the market can be established immediately which still take place daily markets selling things to buy. However, during Tet, almost all “great food” is sold. Tet atmosphere imbued really into these days by heavy scenes basket shoppers. Furthermore, Tet’s market is the best place for buying necessary things for making Chung Cake which is the traditional cake of local people during the Tet.

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Red Dragon Yacht select us up at Hon Gai Passenger Port, Luxury cruises in Halong bay, Quang Ninh. Boat feels clear, amazing, not massive and grand, but what appears to be good on that pretty historical and mysterious. In accordance with the tutorial, then this yacht is built to product ancient Chinese pirate ship through the seventeenth century.


Boats depart at 12pm, jogging around the bay to go to the well-known sights with a mean pace of 15km / h. Tranquil, cool wind very long prolonged boat slowly and gradually peruse The gorgeous location often called Indochina studio, Heat rock, compared to Devil, Hon Very first Crimson Dragon and the public sector ...

All over 6pm, clumsy boat anchor on that port, next to a quiet place for overnight educate, a natural Seaside resort not far all the way down to the Seashore, exploring the island, the cave by boat, sailing significant Rubber or kayak to acquire eye and contact the rock islands and also the amazing h2o, or paddle up the mountain sunset.
All around 6pm, the ship moored to prospects down the Seaside, Checking out the island, the cave by boat, a dinghy or kayak.


Once the sports pursuits and swimming, dinner is served on board. Often, the evening moved within the Seashore or, according to itinerary and tourists that demand for your intimate Hang Drum. The menu begins with seaweed salad and fresh seafood and caught right within the waters of Cruises in Halong bay.

During the night, the wind blew great, tranquil Weird sea, flat surface just like a mirror. On the bay, the ship scattered peas, beans close the mountain, let go the anchor in the middle of clumsy, all-lit, similar to a floating metropolis fast paced shining on the sea. Our group take pleasure in free soul scene, back again on enjoy The celebrities. Later on they sang karaoke, dance music throbs in infatuation.
The adventurous visitors started employing compact oared boat with lamp explorer cling the drain location. Pleasures from the journey is ideal squid fishing at night. By midnight, the lights fall ship to sea, observed fishing rods, tennis for passengers. It is alleged that in the summer months 5-6, squid season, generally surrounded by herds of huge ships, Everyone can pull up about 30 squid / overall performance problem.

Just about every flock of drunk ink lights hovering during the h2o, towed or picked up, clean, seconds creek Dach, the vessel is then boiled immediately as bait bash. In yeast lightheadedness, who is likewise a singer, dancer; filled with enthusiasm and pleasure, the enjoyment between buddies in the same tour so lengthy until late to the night.
Past midnight, rest on the train can be an knowledge not shortly neglect. Our bedroom is not any various services for the hotel. Home windows wide open up, I am able to hear the wind gently, the sound of the surf wall oap boat and slightly taste of sea salt concentrations. Once the wind up, mild waves, the boat concerning sag.

Another morning, versus sunset, dawn around the bay is rather gradual, fades in the contemporary morning air.

Cambodia may be deemed
A traveler's aspiration place with historic temples, a tropical local weather, and a good looking Buddhist society. But less than forty years in the past, greater than a third with the Cambodian inhabitants was dropped to violence, starvation, and torture underneath the Khmer Rouge regime. The state's Medical professionals, teachers, and educated citizens have been all focused within the genocide, which has created rebuilding the country a gradual and distressing process.

Today, the Cambodian overall economy now relies upon intensely on tourism bucks to help keep their economic climate going ahead, the connection isn't generally a wholesome a person. Visitors' sympathies are sometimes exploited, and vacationer steps may have consequences they didn't intend. In the event you're a properly-this means  Cambodia tourism , Listed below are five approaches your steps may very well be harming Cambodian youngsters without having you even realizing.

1. Supporting little one sellers
It's not easy to say no to an lovely little one who would like to market you a thing adorable, but that's precisely why kids are so popular as sellers in Cambodia. Generally, it's finest watch little one sellers for instance of kid labor. Little one street suppliers in Cambodia have normally been pulled away from university to accomplish their operate.  They usually operate seven times every week and can make fewer than $3 per day. Even worse, the moment they're around the streets, Cambodian children frequently end up being victimized by intercourse traffickers, possibly within the region or through the border in Thailand.

If we all collect reasonable-trade crafts made by Older people rather than inexpensive trinkets offered by youngster sellers, mothers and fathers would continue to have the capacity to guidance their family members, although young children may very well be Harmless from hurt and free of charge to go to high school.

2. Viewing orphanages
Privately owned orphanages in the country usually court travellers, giving dance performances and the prospect to cuddle with lovable kids. Guests are then moved to create generous donations.

The trouble? Every one of the dollars flowing into orphanages generates stress to maintain filling residences with orphans. The volume of young children residing in orphanages in Cambodia has doubled in recent times, and as several as 80% of those kids have at the least a person living living mum or dad. Inadequate family members are often confident that their baby can have a greater potential if they offer him up for adoption.

Pals Worldwide, a corporation that supports baby security in Cambodia, has put together this haunting video that explains how effectively-meaning tourists produce a tragic problem for youngsters whenever they donate to Cambodian orphanages.

3. Obtaining milk for children
In Cambodia, when strolling down the road, you could often place a girl with little one on her hip, indicating "I don't want revenue. Just milk for the infant." and afterwards guide you to definitely the closest ease shop exactly where You should purchase a can of powdered milk.

You'll stroll absent emotion fantastic about yourself, and he or she'll wander again into the store and return the can on the clerk, who'll insert a mark on his tally sheet. At the end of the working day, the girl's employer will gather the dollars plus the Female will get compensated a paltry sum for her extensive day of scamming.

That is a rewarding fraud in a country exactly where travelers are deeply touched through the poverty all over them and therefore are eager to assist. But as long as tender-hearted tourists make this hustle lucrative, the cycle will proceed.

4. Using pictures of kids
Sally Heatherington, an Australian who has long been in Cambodia working with the Human And Hope Affiliation, told me, "Every day, an ever-increasing range of visitors are actually browsing Anlong Pi, a rubbish dump about 30km from Siem Enjoy. There, they choose images with the Males, Women of all ages and children who invest working day upon working day sorting by filthy garbage just to make two or three pounds. Not only does this intrude around the life of these people who are just trying to create a living, it also encourages the youngsters to stay away from university so they can Potentially produce a couple of pounds with the travelers who're turning their lives right into a tourist attraction.

In an post for BBC, Paul Berger on the Washington University School of Art provides this advice: "Err on the facet of staying overly sensitive to individuals's inner thoughts." Berger implies adhering to "widespread-feeling policies of social conversation" and claims that "consensual sorts of exchanges are perfect and typically much more satisfying to equally events.

Never ever get shots of children with out asking a parent's permission. Also, it's important to have interaction persons in conversation and relate to them as people before you decide to photograph them. Vacation photographer Matt Kadey delivers related guidance in an interview with Smithsonian Journal, expressing, "It's vital which i show that i'm essentially enthusiastic about [locals] and not only grabbing an incredible Picture of these.

5. Volunteering to show
While you could be a gifted organic educator, your willingness to volunteer can make a system that exposes kids to a constant stream of unskilled academics. In accordance with, limited-expression Global volunteers frequently don't have any previous experience of instructing and so deficiency the skills to teach English being a international language. Most volunteers only continue to be for a brief time period right before transferring on and getting changed by new volunteers, and the lack of satisfactory background checks on volunteers contributes to a circumstance by which child sexual exploitation can happen.

Cambodian little ones usually don't have stability of their lives to begin with. The extended households who would've protected them in improved periods are sometimes lacking or from time to time struggling from PTSD as being a outcomes of the very long-time period problems carried out by earlier wars. Consequently, it's much more crucial that these kids have The soundness of prolonged-time period, effectively-properly trained mentors — if possible from their own individual lifestyle, to allow them to expand up with good, stable position-designs and produce beneficial illustrations or photos of by themselves as Cambodians.

For those who're a skilled, seasoned Instructor, give a workshop for Cambodian educators, instead of working straight with youngsters.

How To Do It Correct
Your want to help is admirable, but it really's more admirable to put the youngsters of Cambodia ahead of one's need to sense superior about you. Here are some sustainable approaches that will help.

Store Good Trade: Buying from regional artisans (and paying out reasonable current market price ranges) offers Work for folks, and that is The ultimate way to support kids.
Utilize the Sharing Economic climate: For those who're cozy with websites like,, and, you'll discover it simple to hook up with regionally owned lodging and native tour guides.
Donate to some solid charity: Human And Hope Association, for instance, is run by Cambodians, employs Cambodian teachers, and gives sustainable plans outside the house Siem Enjoy.
Eat in coaching restaurants: These dining places offer you great Cambodia foods and repair, assistance worthwhile NGOs, and enable practice neighborhood people for effectively-spending Employment.
Connect with Live performance Cambodia: This Corporation will hook you up with community charities which will make use of your donations or volunteer assist in sustainable techniques.
Find out more by means of Pals International's ChildSafe marketing campaign.
Getting isolated from the most crucial land, Cat Ba Island, While using the West going through to Hai Phong metropolis, North East included by Halong bay as well as the South going through to East Sea Ocean, is probably the largest island while in the north of Vietnam. Speed boat, junk boat, hydrofoil and ferry are the means of transport to get to Cat Ba Island


Boat is the only method of getting to Cat Ba. For many who are departing from Hanoi, get yourself a bus-boat-bus ticket from Luong Yen bus station at 240,000 VND is the best wager. Becoming the principle operator, Hoang Long has buses departing from Hanoi at 5.20.a.m, 7.20.a.m and 11.20.a.m day-to-day. Before possessing a twenty five-moment journey on a hydrofoil accompanied by one hour in a very bus at the opposite finish, you will have an about 2.5 - 3-hour bus ride to Haiphong Town. It is far from a hard journey. When you are making your very own method to the harbor from somewhere else, it charges you one hundred fifty,000 VND to get a hydrofoil trip and on arrival at Phu Long Pier, you could hitch a trip within the bus into Cat Ba town. Otherwise attempting to do so, negotiating with taxis or motorbike taxis is essential-do issue.


You may get a bus-boat-bus again at the same value by utilizing the support of most resorts and tour operators on Cat Ba. Within the return journey, they operate from 6.a.m right until 4.p.m.

Only while you are keeping in Halong City, obtaining the ferry from Tuan Chau Island is a good idea. You may see indications for a few of the cruise operators, including Bhaya, because you head alongside the highway into Halong Metropolis. Docking at Gia Luan Pier, the ferry Generally charges 60,000 VND and will take forty five minutes. To enter Cat Ba city, you normally takes a taxi or go by bus. It is possible to try to hitch a experience with a vacationer bus or head back the bus from Cat Ba town which leaves at 08:00 within the square by the pier. At Tuan Chau, from May possibly to the tip of September ferries 7:30.a.m, 9.a.m, 11.30.a.m, 1:30.p.m and 3.p.m and return at 9.a.m, 11:30.a.m, 1.p.m, 3.p.m, 4.p.m daily. At the other times, they depart at 7:30.a.m, 11:30.a.m and 3.p.m and return at 9.a.m, 1.p.m and 4.p.m. 


Another choice is to mix traveling from A to B having a cruise of your bay and scheduling ticket on to a vacationer boat from Halong Town. They don't offer tickets to Cat Ba on the ticket Business at Bai Chay Pier, consequently, buying from the tour operator is your only alternative. Be wary since they may let you know that there is a 3.5 hour selection readily available with two.5 hours on a ship and an hour on bus from Gia Luan to Cat Ba city, The truth is, it could take you thoroughly 6.5 hrs, consisting of some somewhat long stops for caving and kayaking, which are not A part of your ticket. In case you have time to spare to discover the bay, this route is extremely suggested.


Most Western travelers pick out Cat Ba Island as component of their handful of-day vacation beginning and ending in Hanoi, now they do not have to bother with the method of getting there in the least.