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Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam holiday is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, so a lot of tourists want to spend the best time to visit Vietnam in the holiday. However, it is the biggest holiday in Vietnam, so there are a lot of things which you should refer and know more before traveling in the time. Therefore, the post will help you learn more about the necessary things during the Tet holiday such as customs.

1 Decorated house
In order to welcome New Year, all families are cleaning the house clean and tidy and decorated their homes for more beautiful. There are many families still fresh paint, doors. The furniture such as desks, chairs for seating, altar, cabinets in the living room is cleaned of dust.

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
Furthermore, Vietnamese people also buy a lot of beautiful and colorful flowers to decorate their house. In particular, there are two flowers that bloom only new festival in southern yellow apricot and peach, red in the North.

Besides flowers, there are distilled fruits arranged in a large dish. Besides the fruit often as bananas, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, it is still a plate distillation include custard, coconut, papaya, mango, or sung, and the truth is two watermelons.

Vietnamese people always buy new and beautiful clothes to meet friend and family on Tet holiday.

2 The custom of New Year’s greetings
In the first day of the New Year, Vietnamese people always visit friends’ house to say good things or New Year and give lucky money for children and older people. The customs is considered as the wonderful and special things of Vietnam, so if you have a chance to visit Vietnamese people in Tet holiday, you should say good things about homeowners.

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
3 Family reunification
Tet is a sacred time in the life of Vietnam. It is an occasion for family reunification, both the living and the dead. Those who go to work, go to school away from home, far from their families are looking for every way to the food festival with her parents, to her family. It is the reason why all Vietnamese people always want to come back their family to enjoy the biggest holiday with family. Therefore, when visiting Vietnam in Tet, you should book tour or hotel in advance to avoid unavailable room. Furthermore, price of service will higher than usual

Tet- Lunar New Year Vietnam
4 Tet market
It is considered as the most attractive time in Tet which whether local people or tourists. When visiting the market, you will get special feeling which is seemed as Tet’s favor

Tet’s market is arranged in the wide place and the market can be established immediately which still take place daily markets selling things to buy. However, during Tet, almost all “great food” is sold. Tet atmosphere imbued really into these days by heavy scenes basket shoppers. Furthermore, Tet’s market is the best place for buying necessary things for making Chung Cake which is the traditional cake of local people during the Tet.

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