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hanoi package toursWith prices ranging from 40,000 - 90,000 VND, you can enjoy a full meal quality, warm hearted and delicious.
Bun fake civet
An ideal dish for lunch in Hanoi is cold noodles taste smell fake civet with galangal, sour taste of bamboo shoots and cook greasy pork leg imitation of mongoose.
Raw materials are simple but delicious noodles to bowl is also both a sophisticated manufacturing process, decreasing the spices to taste. Pork leg meat often have to choose foundation, thui on the fire until it is yellow then bring cumbersome pieces tightly.
Marinated pork leg with technology juice, galangal to create color and distinct aroma. Shortage of raw materials is not that cool, with very distinct sour taste and add a little shrimp paste for flavor. The spice must be processed for a new ingenious and bold make false distinctions of civet noodle bowl in each shop.
Authors attractive bowl with yellow mongoose foundation cumbersome rolls, green vegetables, yellow of technology ... Photo: Khanh Hoa
The soup is served with attractive colors, though not yet very stimulating appetite by odor, unmistakable. Putting a piece of pork leg to his mouth, feeling silky soft meat, fatty crust closely with the pig skin is yellow thui, mingles with the sour taste of bamboo shoots, fragrant with galangal just melted in the mouth.
The dish is accompanied with rice noodles leaf discs were cut into small pieces, add some herbs or slices of pungent chili makes an attractive lunch. A bowl of rice noodles are often sold fake civet 35,000 dong, can eat in town Tue Tinh, Thuy Khue, Kim Lien ...
Crab cake soup
Not a dish of Hanoi, famous crab cake soup in the southern provinces, but has become an attractive dishes diners capital.
Interestingly while enjoying bread bowl soup with crab meat and fiber bread soup delicious hot, add fried fish, shrimp, pork leg meat, mushrooms, quail eggs ... depending on the processing of each shop.
Bread soup bowl at a diner on Quang Trung Street. Photo: Ut Whistle
Fiber bread soup usually made from rice flour, tapioca starch or flour to make a more delicious chewy, bigger fibers were made noodles. Bread soup broth is usually viscous regime, there is sweetness and security of meat flavor of the sea with crab meat, shrimp, fish ...
Depending on your calling, but the bartender will take to crab meat into pieces or whole fish. It is interesting to break each pincers, put into a bowl of fish sauce, sip sitting in cold weather.
A bowl of noodles is priced 55000-90000 contract. You can eat in the restaurant on Quang Trung Street, Phung Hung, Mai Hac De, Pham Ngoc Thach ...

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